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Laser Teeth Whitening
Procedure for Laser Tooth Whitening Treatment

1. First Evaluation
  • Dental examination, consultation and shade evaluation
  • professional dental scaling and polishing is usually done before the bleaching treatment is performed, but it is optional if the patient's teeth is already cleaned

  • 2. Lip and gum protection
  • A dental dam is placed to isolate teeth and prevent the whitening agent from irritating or damaging soft oral tissues

  • 3. Eyes protection

    4. Apply whitening gel
  • teeth are dried and the bleaching compound applied

  • 5. Expose whitening gel to laser light

  • This whitening gel is activated using a laser light source. This "activation" shortens the needed treatment time and/or makes the whitener more effective

  • 6. Leave whitening gel for a prescribed time

    7. Remove whitening gel
  • the whitening gel and dental dam is washed and suctioned off

  • 8. Determine Post-bleaching Tooth Shade
  • after the bleaching treatment has been completed, a shade evaluation is done to see how much whitening is achieved

  • Faq

    Q : What causes discolored teeth?
    A : There are many causes of tooth discoloration such as hereditary factors, external causes, such as consumption of staining substances, or internal causes such as trauma, fluorosis and tetracycline discoloration.

    Q : Is the process safe?
    A : Yes, laser tooth whitening is the safest procedure today. It was approved by FDA, USA many years ago. It does not heat the tooth thus no harm is done to the pulp. This system has been specifically developed and tested to ensure that no harm is done to either enamel or dentine and that the PH level is neutral and will not produce any acidic effect associated with some other whitening products.

    Q : Will the procedure hurt?
    A : In general, this is a very simple procedure where no anesthesia is needed as no pain is experienced. However, several patients may experience minor sensitivity during or following the procedure. This sensitivity lasts no more than the first 24 hours and it can be resolved by taking an analgesic.

    Q : Is the treatment suitable for everyone?
    A : Basically the laser tooth whitening is suitable for anyone who wishes to lighten his/her tooth color. Nevertheless, prior to the treatment, a dental examination will determine whether or not there is any condition that might prevent the treatment from working as it should. In such an event the dentist will recommend to undergo the relevant procedure before beginning the tooth whitening treatment.

    Q : How white will teeth get?
    A : Up until today this system has achieved better results than any other procedure effected with halogen lamps, heat lamps, argon and CO2 lasers. However, during consultation the dentist will go over the patient's personal expectations and individual clinical situation in order to achieve the optimum natural whiteness.

    Q : How long will the process take?
    A : The whitening process will take only 45-60 minutes.

    Q : How long will the teeth remain white?
    A : The long-term effect of the treatment varies from one person to another. Clearly, Certain habits such as smoking, drinking coffee, tea and wine, or neglect of regular cleansing could once again quicken the darkening process of the teeth.
    Assuming regular care is provided (including dental check-ups), teeth can remain white for as long as 1-3 years.

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